Top 5 tips

As I type I am now 34 and oh so much an age fully qualified to impart my top 5 sanity saving tips. These are the small (but huge) things that help add up to a much more organized and less chaotic day. Plus they will help make everything prettier! Which, let's be real, is always the main goal...why organize if not to create a space that is beautiful and peaceful.

1. Go vertical! I love, love, love hooks and think they are essential to keeping piles off the floor. I use hooks inside our master closet for pajamas and robes - inside the kids bathroom for their towels - on the back wall of Caroline and Ford's closets for hats, backpacks and bags. Plus I love vertical closet rod hangers for small kid, headphones, packs of wipes waiting to be brought into the rotation.

2. Use pretty things to contain everyday staples. Keep the mundane at an arm's reach in style.

3. Lists, lists and more lists. I credit my mom with this gem...start each day with a list of the day's activities and what needs to get accomplished. Then I will often add a smaller lists of bonus to-do's in case there happens to be extra time. I keep a running list on my phone/computer desktop but I also love me a good ol' notebook list. Scroll down for a screenshot of my computer desktop list making...yikes, feels like a very intimate reveal!

4. Swear by your calendar! The moment plans are set, log them in and set a reminder. Period.

5. Have a landing pad. This is so key to everyday life...especially if kids are involved. For me, it's our entry table. This is where mail, purses, backpacks, keys, etc are placed throughout the day. If you have a landing pad then all of your busy day's many items will be placed (um, piled) in one specific area. Then at the end of the day returning everything to its home will be much simpler and more efficient. And in the spirit of full disclosure scroll down for what my landing pad looks like both at the beginning and end of a busy day.

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