kitchen counter

Supply round favorites

The past few months have been all (well a lot) about the kitchen. There have been so many great kitchen and pantry spaces I have gotten to tuck into + I shared my tips here for how to tackle your own space. So in the spirit of wrapping up here are all of my favorites supplies that perfectly partner with a big ol' purge. Make it happen.

Divided turntable
Under the sink
Shelf riser
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 1.58.13 PM.png
Cutlery organizer
Oxo canisters
Linus bins
Expandable drawer dividers
Spice liners
Glass canisters
Drawer inserts
Label tape

1. Divided great for the pantry...and art supplies, toiletries, office supplies...

2. Under the sink organizer - normally things like this seem a bit gadgety but this is actually a big help for under the kitchen sink.

3. Shelf risers - this one expands and is a great way to maximize cabinets and shelves without turning your space into a black hole of cans and jarred goods.

4. Cupboard shelf - perfect way to use extra height when cabinet shelves can't be moved...also comes in tall and expandable!

5. Bamboo cutlery organizer...worth the extra cost as it perfectly fills the whole drawer space and is big enough to hold dinnerware and serving cutlery. Despite this oh so modern photo it holds quite a lot!

6. OXO Canisters - for all of you decanters out these bc they stack well inside a cabinet, pantry or even deep drawer.

7. Clear bins...for when you need to create drawers and categories within a big ol' empty pantry.

8. Expandable drawer dividers - THE BEST! I get them in both widths, depending on the space. Such a good and easy way to divvy up kitchen utensils. Also my secret weapon for deeper tupperware and kiddo drawers.

9. Spice liners are so good...if you can swing it I much prefer spices in drawers and these liners are the trick to success.

10. Countertop canisters...once you have organized your kitchen and freed up counter space it's nice to think about what you actually WANT on your counters. I vote for these canisters to hold a bulk supply of flour and sugar - pretty and practical.

11. Drawer inserts...come in two sizes and so new favorite.

12. Chalkboard label tape - one great option among many...also check out oval, clip on or skip the base and write directly on the plastic bin.