Supply round up...closet favorites!

Okay, I'll admit it...I'm the worst. I have completely neglected the blog. Life has been busy, we moved and if I'm being honest it's just quicker to mention a tip, before/after or supply favorite on Instagram. There I said it. BUT throughout all of those quickies I have been dutifully jotting down ideas for this space - not a novel by any stretch but something a bit more comprehensive. But the longer I waited the more daunting that list became and here I am. Enough already.

Time to jump back in and I'm starting with a round up of my favorite supplies when organizing a closet - my client's and my own! These are tried and true favorites for maximizing space and creating order out of a what is many times a box with the odd hanging rod or shelf. Hope this helps!

Closets come first but stay tuned for kitchen & pantry, kids, get the idea.

Elfa angled shoe shelves.png
Premium stacking shoe bins.png
Huggable hangers.png
Expandable jewelry storage.png
Acryclic jewlery trays.png
Divided jewelry storage.png
Clutch divider.png
Deep drawer dividers.png
Shelf dividers.png
Montauk bin.png
Purse hooks.png

1. Angled shoe shelves - these really are the best if you are wanting to create custom shoe storage. Not inexpensive by any stretch but they win the award because they hold men and women's shoes AND flats and heels equally well (NOT the case with others). Plus the angled shape is a space saver.

2. Premium stacking shoe bins are perfect if you don't want to commit to elfa or carpentry. They also come in a tall version are totally modular and make any closet feel instantly clean and modern.

3. Velvety hangers forever and ever...Amazon also has a ton of options...

4. Expandable jewelry storage...perfect for in a drawer or on shelf.

5. The acrylic version - never a bad idea.

6. And the black velvety version

7. Acrylic collator - it's technically a file sorter but it's my favorite for clutches!

8. Expandable deep drawer dividers...such a simple way to divvy up small items within a dresser. Also easily found in bamboo, cedar, and acrylic :)

9. Shelf dividers - keep scarves, jeans and sweaters in tidy stacks.

10. Love these bins for closet shelves and sometimes use the smallest size for inside a dresser drawer.

11. Hooks, hooks and more hooks...simplest trick in the books. Perfect way to get things off the floor - dry cleaning, robes, day old pajamas. Just do it.

12. S hooks for purses! Make sure and get this kind so the purses can hang sideways...not that I've ever made that mistake ;)

Top photo by Katie Jameson, all other photos sourced from The Container Store and Amazon