Playroom plan

A few weeks ago I got to set up a playroom for a client...formerly a straightforward family room that had become filled with the grandkid's toys. Since there was another space in the home for adults to hang she decided to purposefully set up her living room as a chic and organized playroom. Brilliant and sweet. A handful of items were donated but in this case the main objective was to find a home (sometimes hidden;) for books, games, blocks, action get the idea.

Luckily there were lots of great cabinets but since they were too deep (yes, it's possible) to be functional finding the right bins was crucial. We also wanted to find one great piece where all books and some toys could be out but contained. A playroom anchor!

A brief rant - books are the one item that never need to be binned - for some reason people try and reinvent the wheel and hide their children's books in ill fitting containers. Books add color, dimension and general cheeriness and are of course most accessible when on a bookshelf. And if you need bookends I use these...colorful and modern but also can disappear.

Read on for the tools we used to create structure and a system that can be easily maintained at the end of each playtime!

1. Find the right children's bookcase...certainly doesn't need to be bought from a children's brand or store but must be the right height. Low enough so the kids can get their own toys and high enough that the top can be used for items that are better slightly out of reach for the youngest of the bunch. We went with Pottery Barn's Cameron 2 Shelf Bookcase but Land of Nod and IKEA have great options also.

2. Bins were next - I went with a mix of my favorite water hyacinth bins plus a combination of narrow plastic bins...a great way to utilize the cabinet depth and keep small items together.

3. Don't forget labels...this ensures that anyone can quickly and easily clean up and keep the same system in place. I used these and these. Geeky side note - labels have really come a long way in the past few years.

Such a fun project and I'll be a honest, a very gratifying before and after...drop me a line if you need help with your own kid's space.