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Kitchens can be a real beast and often times even when the rest of a house is getting refreshed the kitchen is left out. Why is that? Most people are flat out overwhelmed and just don't know where to begin. Since our kitchens are put to use about a million times a day it can seem daunting to interfere with the daily rhythm. Good news...kitchens and pantries are a favorite of mine! After wrapping some especially big kitchen projects I am sharing all of my tips and strategies below.

1. PDCF! Pantry first, then drawers, cabinets next and finally...the fridge/freezer. Think of each of these spaces as their own mini project and tackle one at a time.

2. Take it all out. This applies to the kitchen more than any other space - you need to take everything out of the space you are organizing and lay it all in one central space (island, dining table). This way you can see what you have, toss old or expired items and create categories before putting everything back into your now gloriously empty pantry. This is also a great time to wipe down those shelves and drawers...

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3. Friends go together. Spices, oils and sauces - Rice, pasta and grains - Soup, beans and tomatoes - Goldfish, animal crackers and saltines (my personal favorite category) - Sheet pans, pie plates and ramekins. You get the idea. This step is key because now you can actually see how much you have of any given category.

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4. Bins and labels! The kitchen is one space where more and better supplies are a huge factor in making it all work (sometimes in other areas they can be more of a band aid). This way the lovely groups you have assembled can now actually stay that way plus clean up at the end of a busy day or meal time is much much easier.


5. Put out the pretty. Some cooking and baking items are meant to be tucked away but others are meant to be shown and can add wonderful color and depth to your space. Don't be afraid to show off beautiful bowls, pans and cookbooks just because they are used often!