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how to pack.

You might think I enjoy packing...maybe it seems like something that someone who loves (true story) cleaning out other people's closets would be into. You would be wrong. It drives me nuts and all I can think about is all the unpacking that will inevitably follow. I is hard.

So here I am, packing for four - I may not enjoy it, but I do it well. Follow along for my method.

  • Finish your laundry...inevitably the clothes you need to wash (everyday favorites) will need packing and you will only end up frustrated if all options aren't clean and visible.
  • Make a list...I know this is a drag but it is such a huge help. Depending on the trip it can be as specific or general as you would life. Mine from last week was a doozy since we were packing up for skiing - long johns, ski beanie, cute beanie, waterproof gloves, black and blue jeans, all socks, ski pants, etc etc etc. For some trips where space is a big issue I'll map outfits day by day and for others my lists will just make sure all the highlights are covered. Pro tip! Nothing perks up a list like a cute notepad...Rifle Paper Co. is my favorite (thanks Mom!).
  • Set aside a staging area...everything can be laid out, folded and stacked. It makes a huge difference to see everything you are taking all at once. You will be reminded of things you have forgotten and more easily notice the obvious clunkers that need to be edited :)
  • NOW PACK! Time to put it all in your bag(s) and get moving...don't forget chargers, a great book, pajamas, and any hair or nail things you can't go without (nail oil!).