I have seen so many wonderful gift guides and I thought I would put my own spin on these fun round ups. Here are my Austin ideas for clutter free activities for kids and adults that won't add to the growing mound of stuff and toys. Parents of tiny people I know you especially feel me...


1. Sign up for classes or camps with kid's (and parent's) favorite Patricia's Table. Patricia and her whole team are so wonderful with all ages and lead the most fun cooking (and gardening) activities for kiddos. She just added more holiday and winter classes...make it happen.

2. Nab tickets (free!) to view James Turrell's Skyspace, The Color Inside...the most magical and mesmerizing installation. This spot is open all the time but tickets are available so you can view the light sequence at sunset. Would be perfectly paired with a hot bowl of Michi Ramen at their Hole in the Wall location. Perfect date night! extra credit ~ if you want to bone up on Turrell before your visit check out Artsy's page...such beautiful shots of his work!

3. A night of great music at Antone's. Miss Lavelle White plays on a regular basis, along with so many other greats, and their Christmas party on the 17th looks amazing. Pair with a walk down the street for some spicy Chinese at Wu Chow...

4. Grab a membership at The Thinkery, Austin's Children's Museum. Gift that keeps on giving...especially on a pouring down rain or off the charts hot Austin day.

5. Sign up for an Antonelli's Cheese Class...the cutest spot in Hyde Park devoted to all things cheese, wine (and beer and cider) and bread. So basically heaven.

6. Pick up a gift card to the Austin Bouldering Project which firmly falls into the "gift for the whole family" camp. They have a HUGE bouldering gym and also a nice size area set aside for kids...complete with a slide down after scrambling up. Love this spot.

7. Find the perfect kiddo gymnastics class or camp at Champions Gymnastics. Their huge and beautiful gym is a dream come true for kids...ball pits, trampolines, uneven bars, and the list goes on. My kids don't know it yet but they will most definitely be getting the Blizzard Bonanza camp for Christmas :)

8. More music...I can't help myself. Antone's and C-Boys are just scratching the surface. Soulman Sam Evan's is a regular plus it's right down the street from your inevitable dinner and drinks at June's.

9. Go see anything at The is the dreamiest historic theatre with so many fun shows and films. Maybe even go ahead and grab tickets to their New Year's Eve party with Bob Schneider and stave off the inevitable NYE anxiety. Grab a cocktail pre or post at The Townsend.