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Getting crafty...

My kids got a lot of great art supplies for Christmas, which is great, but that influx combined with a growing craft bin led to the need for an organization upgrade. As my daughter would want me to make clear - we have most definitely left the "baby" phase of pulling out the odd oversized crayon and now are firmly in the "big kid" art supply world. I.e we own actual liquid glue, googly eyes and pipe cleaners! Crazy how that happens. Read on for how I tackled our art supply space plus supply suggestions for all types of spaces.

  • For our particular space I knew I wanted an indoor and outdoor storage solution. Our current craft bin, which lives in our laundry and utility room, would now only be for indoor art supplies like stickers and coloring books.
  • That left all the new and messier items to be stored on our back porch in the IKEA storage system we have had (and loved) for the past few years.
  • First, I placed a big order from Container Store (I always buy online and then use their Click n Pickup service). I majorly over bought (which is what I always do for my clients and much easier to return than not have the correct item) knowing that I wanted to have lots of options and figure out the best supplies from the comfort of my couch :)
  • Then once I had my supplies in hand I pulled out ALL the art supplies and grouped them by like categories.
  • I played around with all the different boxes and containers I had and quickly settled on the "stackable rectangle" series which worked perfectly with our art supplies and the drawers that would become their home!
  • Once all like items were boxed up and stacked I labeled the exterior with my handy chalk can write directly on the plastic and they wipe off with a damp paper towel if you want to change things up.

I have worked on lots of different craft set ups and each is a little different. Some need to be portable, some stationary and some stacked. Here are my favorites for whichever space you're tackling...


Like-It Bricks...great for a "create what you need" best for smaller and consistently on hand art supplies. A favorite from the art supplies I organized for Patricia's Table!


This acrylic turn table is a jack of all trades...a great way to store loose items like pom poms, jewelry supplies, ribbons and paper clips or stand up items like paint bottles, glue, tape, etc.


I'm a huge fan of the Smart Store series...items can be stationary or portable, nested and contained. You honestly can't go wrong with these and if our storage drawers had been a smidge bigger this is the container I would have used for my kiddos. Have used this with many a client :)


Linus stacking bins are a fantastic solution for a system that needs to utilize all the vertical space in a cabinet. Not as seamless of access for little kids but perfect for slightly older kids and adults. Plus they have so many different options...