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All the pictures

I have been chipping away at my own to-do list lately and at the top of that list has been PHOTOS. Since moving I had fallen behind in our family albums and our framed photos were an outdated mishmash-poor Ford was hardly represented at all. Time for a real refresh!

Luckily my digital photos have remained organized and categorized...I prefer fewer/larger photo albums (2014, Cuba, 2015, Big Bend) versus a ton of tiny ones. Since everything on my computer was fairly together I was ready to get moving.

1. Create beautiful (and well edited!) albums. I started doing this in 2008, when Matt and I got married, and nothing makes me happier than seeing all of the beautiful books and matching spines in our home. My system is to put together one album for each year, any big trips and one for each child's 1st year. I had made albums for years previously but they were bulky, contained way too many pictures and so expensive. I know there are lots of great companies making beautiful albums but my favorite remains Pinhole Press and specifically their Signature Hardcover Photo Book.

Pro tip...wait a while after the big will be much easier to discern which snaps should make the cut!


2. Place all frames in once central area, empty frames of their photos and put in a stack off to the side. Yes, this means walking around your house and pulling frames off shelves, desks and bedside tables. Frames on the wall can stay since usually those have been intentionally chosen and placed.

Pro tip...take a few snaps on your phone before you take everything down...nice to have in case you need/want a reminder of where everything used to live.

3. Flag the new (or old!) photos you want printed/reused and put in frames. The point of this isn't to frame all new photos, but to make sure everything in a frame is a snap you love and want to look at every day.

4. Donate any frames you don't love, pick up new frames to fill in the gaps and pair photos with their frame match! As with anything it's nice to have a mix of sizes, orientations and textures. I love to pick up old frames at flea markets and then have a framer (my favorite in Austin is Contessa Frame Shop) update the backing and matte. And of course Target is a major go me some Threshold frames. I used blue tape and a sharpie to map out the pairings.


5. Print photos, fill frames and, with a fresh eye, place throughout your home. My go-to Austin spot for beautifully printed (and affordable) photos is Precision Camera.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut which is why it's nice to force yourself to switch things up!