A quickie...daily hacks

I know I owe y'all a kitchen supply round up and I'm sure you're waiting with bated breath 😉 But while it's fresh on my mind I want to share a quick list of daily hacks that help save time and keep the train running smoothly. Some will be familiar and others are tiny (not so tiny) tricks I swear no particular order...

1. Always keep your purse (daily bag) in the same matter what. Mornings will be easier and you won't be running around looking for scattered sunglasses, keys, notebooks, etc.

2. Put all unused hangers in one spot of your closet...just trust me on this.

3. Come meal time gather all the food that's coming and going, NEXT TO, the fridge but don't worry about putting it all way until the very end.

4. Empty your car every time you arrive home! Trash, kids water bottles, half full fizzy water cans, art from school...don't let it just sit there. Everyone take a full load and you're done. Honestly I am slightly militant about this one.

5. Put an event in your calendar the MINUTE you hear about it. Will change your life.

6. Run the dishwasher and set coffee to brew right before bed. Clean dishes and fresh coffee - best way to wake up.

7. Take off make-up/wash face right AFTER dinner NOT right before bed.

8. Keep cut up veggies in your fridge...otherwise known as the main way to avoid only eating goldfish (at least that's what a friend told me 🙊).

9. Ask everyone you live with (kids included) to put up their own shoes at the end of the day. This triangulates quite nicely with child bribery ;)

10. Work out early and try your very very best to make your bed every morning...I know, I know...they're on every single other list there ever was but that's because they work!

Photo by Katie Jameson