Closet close up

Confession - I want things - clothes things, fancy beauty product things, home things. I am assuming you all, more or less, feel the same way and if you don't, well hats off. What's funny is I don't really think of myself as especially consumerist but the proof is in the pudding, and...

kitchen counter

The past few months have been all (well a lot) about the kitchen. There have been so many great kitchen and pantry spaces I have gotten to tuck into + I shared my tips here for how to tackle your own space. So in the spirit of wrapping up here are all of my favorites supplies that perfectly partner with a big ol' purge. Make it happen.


I know I owe y'all a kitchen supply round up and I'm sure you're waiting with bated breath 😉 But while it's fresh on my mind I want to share a quick list of daily hacks that help save time and keep the train running smoothly. Some will be familiar and others are tiny (not so tiny) tricks I swear no particular order...

1. Always keep your purse (daily bag) in the same matter what. Mornings will be...

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A few years ago when I told others about my organizing business the automatic assumption was I spent my time on closets, closets and more closets. And they weren't wrong! But since moving my business to Austin a fun shift has taken place - organization know-how has swept the nation (as it should!) and now my clients want all the puzzles in their home solved. And this puzzle solving usually begins with the heart of the home - the kitchen....


Y'all, it's here...back to school. I love, love love summer and can't get enough of the pools, swimming holes and spontaneous plans that just happen more often when it's sunny until 9 pm and everyone is more relaxed with their schedules. That said, if we have had a great summer (we have!) and done it right, I'm almost always ready for the shift back to a routine, not...


Okay, I'll admit it...I'm the worst. I have completely neglected the blog. Life has been busy, we moved and if I'm being honest it's just quicker to mention a tip, before/after or supply favorite on Instagram. There I said it. BUT throughout all of those quickies I have been dutifully jotting down ideas for this...

Round Top

Confession...I love scouring flea markets. I hope to visit all of the biggies much like my husband wants to pilgrimage to baseball stadiums. So far the highlights have been Brimfield in Massachusetts, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and now Round Top in,...

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My kids got a lot of great art supplies for Christmas, which is great, but that influx combined with a growing craft bin led to the need for an organization upgrade. As my daughter would want me to make clear - we have most definitely left the "baby" phase of pulling out the odd oversized crayon and now are firmly in the "big kid" art supply world. I.e we own actual liquid glue, googly eyes and pipe cleaners! Crazy how that happens. Read on...


I have seen so many wonderful gift guides and I thought I would put my own spin on these fun round ups. Here are my Austin ideas for clutter free activities for kids and adults that won't add to the growing mound of stuff and toys. Parents of tiny people I know you especially feel me...


They're almost here...Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and New Year's...all the holidays! I love, love Christmas but have always had a soft spot for Thanksgiving - one special day with family (and friends!) and all that delicious food, wine and football. Doesn't get much better. No matter which is your favorite, once Thanksgiving hits the rest of November and December can (do) feel a bit like a runaway train. With that in mind here is how I...


Weekdays mornings are hectic...period. For most of us they involve some combination of work, kids, and school plus the potential for crazy traffic, unpredictable weather or exercise goals. With summer now officially over and all of us settling into our "back-to-school" morning routines I thought it might be helpful to share how I plan and organize for the morning. Step by step below...spoiler starts the night before...

Photo albums.jpg

I have been chipping away at my own to-do list lately and at the top of that list has been PHOTOS. Since moving I had fallen behind in our family albums and our framed photos were an outdated mishmash-poor Ford was hardly represented at all. Time for a real refresh!

Luckily my digital photos have remained organized and categorized...I prefer fewer/larger photo albums (2014, Cuba, 2015, Big Bend) versus a ton of tiny ones. Since...

Open shelves.jpg

Kitchens can be a real beast and often times even when the rest of a house is getting refreshed the kitchen is left out. Why is that? Most people are flat out overwhelmed and just don't know where to begin. Since our kitchens are put to use about a million times a day it can seem daunting to interfere with the daily rhythm. Good news...kitchens and pantries are a favorite of mine! After wrapping some...


As I type I am now 34 and oh so much an age fully qualified to impart my top 5 sanity saving tips. These are the small (but huge) things that help add up to a much more organized and less chaotic day. Plus they will help make everything prettier! Which, let's be real, is always the main goal...why organize if not to create a space that is beautiful and peaceful.

1. Go vertical! I love, love, love hooks and think they are...


A few weeks ago I got to set up a playroom for a client...formerly a straightforward family room that had become filled with the grandkid's toys. Since there was another space in the home for adults to hang she decided to purposefully set up her living room as a chic and organized playroom. Brilliant and sweet. A handful of items were donated but in this case the main objective was to find a home (sometimes hidden;) for books, games, blocks,...

Spring cleaning 2.JPG

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…spring has arrived! Spring in Austin can mean many things – bluebonnets, patio margaritas, lake outings, and the list goes on – but for this Austinite it marks the start of spring cleaning. What January is to healthy living resolutions March is to closet organization.

Unfortunately many people are overwhelmed by the idea of spring cleaning when all they need is a push in the right...

how to pack.JPG

You might think I enjoy packing...maybe it seems like something that someone who loves (true story) cleaning out other people's closets would be into. You would be wrong. It drives me nuts and all I can think about is all the unpacking that will inevitably follow. I is hard.

So here I am, packing for four - I may not enjoy it, but I do it well. Follow along for my method.

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Blocks bin

Bins have always been great but they didn't serve a huge purpose in my life until kids came onto the scene. Now they are THE lifesaver. The perfect way to group toys and contain the endless stream of tiny things (Mr. Potato Head!). And while yes, I do work to keep certain categories within specific bins, there are some days when clean up time rolls around and we are chucking toys for dear life. Here are some of my favorites...what are...

Lucite divider

See what I did there...just couldn't resist. I stumbled upon Gayle King's closet makeover recently and was stunned. Cue the obligatory famous person closet must haves-high heels as far as the eye can see, recessed lighting, clothes arranged by color to create a glorious rainbow effect. Dreamy. All that aside I was mesmerized by the lucite dividers - until recently I have had...

Shelby and Ben before 1

We all love a good before and most of all. Check out the photos below and then go HERE to see the ta da transformation that happened in Shelby and Ben's home. By ta da transformation I of course mean an afternoon of hard core purging and organizing - my kind of Saturday!

I'm back

Edit spaces is back in action! After a long (OK really long) hiatus, I am so thrilled to have this space up and running again.

Life has been wild. We had two kids, moved from New York City to Austin, and lived with my parents while completely renovating a new home!

Time to get going! In the meantime, here is a snap shot of our life over the past year. Amidst the chaos we have had a blast living in Austin which up and...