Gabby & Max

Gabby and Max recently renovated and moved into a beautiful brownstone. They were anxious to settle into their new home and refused to fill their new space with a decade’s worth of clutter. Both come from a long line of pack rats and knew they needed a serious edit!

We began with Gabby’s closet, where we took stock of the items she accumulated from years traveling through Southeast Asia. Gabby recognized it was time to let go of certain pieces and the wearable and sentimental items that remain are now organized.

Organizing the couple's office, school and work-related items was an especially important task. They had boxes and boxes of papers, files, music, film and old magazines. In organizing all of these items, we took a big picture approach - everything was corralled into one space, like items were gathered together and we decided which pieces should be placed in the office closet, book shelf cabinets and hall closet. Every paper found a home and was contained within labeled boxes! Additionally, all film was developed and grouped by date while all music was sorted, labeled, and alphabetically organized.

This project was all about taking the time to go through their entire home and create systems and structure within each smaller area. Now Gabby and Max have a clear hold on their many beautiful possessions.