Dorothy & Mike

Dorothy, Mike, and their two young daughters recently moved into a new home! After such a big change they were hoping to start fresh, place items thoughtfully, and create streamlined systems that would help keep the chaos to a minimum. We began in the girl's room and used bins and open shelving as a way to organize, group, and design. Bins (in all sizes) are a can't-live-without-must-have-always for kid spaces. You don't have to obsess over the placement of every tiny item and its a great way to involve said kids in the clean up process. Bins plus open shelving are a great way to combine the everyday with the special—accessible and beautiful.

Once the girls were all set, we focused on smartly laying out the kitchen (those cabinets!) and making use of beautiful furniture that until now had only been decorative. Books were brought out, electronics and the inevitable daily mail pile tucked away, and beautiful pieces were used to contain daily items that we all need at arm's reach. And I am thrilled to report that after working together I have another convert—no more drying racks and bath mats.

All in all, the day was a success and it was a treat to help organize a beautiful home for this sweet family.