Margaret & Matt

After our wedding, my husband Matt and I moved into a studio apartment on a tree lined street in beautiful downtown New York. I loved marrying our individual styles and designing a home together. The lack of square footage was certainly a challenge. Living in New York often means living in a small space without all the bells and whistles, and when I say "bells and whistles" I mean a full kitchen and a coat closet. Luckily our apartment came with great bones and beautiful finishes. To maximize our space, I created designated areas within the studio or faux rooms without walls. The result...


Dorothy & Mike

Dorothy, Mike, and their two young daughters recently moved into a new home! After such a big change they were hoping to start fresh, place items thoughtfully, and create streamlined systems that would help keep the chaos to a minimum. We began in the girl's room and used bins and open shelving as a way to organize, group, and design. Bins (in all sizes) are a can't-live-without-must-have-always for kid spaces. You don't have to obsess over the placement of every tiny item and its a great way to involve said kids in the...


Gabby & Max

Gabby and Max recently renovated and moved into a beautiful brownstone. They were anxious to settle into their new home and refused to fill their new space with a decade’s worth of clutter. Both come from a long line of pack rats and knew they needed a serious edit!

We began with Gabby’s closet, where we took stock of the items she accumulated from years traveling through Southeast Asia. Gabby recognized it was time to let go of certain pieces and the wearable and sentimental items that remain are now organized.

Organizing the couple's office, school and work-related items...


Taylor & Will

Taylor, Will, and their girls live in a beautiful home with tons of character and charm. When they moved in they had the foresight to modernize the closets in this older home, but then never quite got around to making use of the shelves and space. Hmm ...I wonder if the two tiny people they live with had anything to do with that? But I digress ...

It was time to finally put those closets to work and find the right placement and containers for kid clothes and items in all states: wearing now, about to wear, saving for down the road. Taylor also knew she was due for a real purge so...


Shelby & Ben

Shelby and Ben live in a charming bungalow in Clarksville. But as often happens, what they have in charm, location, and natural light, they lack in closet space and actually, just space. Shelby and I got down to business and over three hours their bathroom and closets were completely rethought. We started in the bathroom by taking everything off the shelves and giving each product a hard look. Shelby works with Beautycounter, so it was especially important that all her products could be easily located. Products that had expired or were...



Diane called for help with her move to a new apartment. She was excited about her new space and wanted this fresh start to be as organized as possible. In the days leading up to the move, we formulated a plan for what would travel with her and what would be donated, as well as photographed and measured her furniture so we (and the movers!) would know exactly where to place everything. Over the course of moving day each area of her new studio was unpacked and settled according to our plan. First the closets, then the kitchen and finally the living area faded from an empty box into a...